After years of requests…

24 Jan

The first softcover edition of The Next Cool Place will hit the Amazon book shelves in the next few days. While I’ll announce the arrival of the book on the shelves, I thought I’d take a moment to reflect on this development:
When it started, I just thought it made sense to broaden the market for these books. Folks who worked with me over the years learned that when I was through with an article or column or editorial, I was through with it. I was an “easy edit.” I agreed with all constructive suggestions and never really felt all that strongly as long as the idea was to improve the story. I never kept clips, and was never enthralled at seeing my name on a story or a newspaper — not even once.
So imagine my surprise when I found myself anxiously awaiting this proof copy of a book that has my name on it! But it was real excitement, and it doesn’t make any sense. I’m working on a new book and that’s worthy of my excitement. This is just packaging, but, what can I say? I’m jazzed beyond any comprehension. For those of you who have told me “I just want to hold a real book when I read…” and variations of that theme… here’s your book. And we’re going to do the others right after it until all of them will be available from Amazon Books and those bricks and mortar book stores who choose to stock them — that won’t include Barnes and Noble, I was informed last week, but many independents can order the books for you. To all of you, thanks for reading.


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