Hunter’s Journal, Part 5

19 Nov

Kris's first pheasant flush and retrieveNov. 19

Temperature 25, wind out of the north 20-25, gusting to 35

Cabin fever took over, and with the moderation in temperature, I took Kris for his first-ever pheasant walk. We flushed four birds — one wild rooster and three tight-sitting hens in the first two minutes of our walk, but I could see as Kris sniffed where the hens had been that he was interested.

He and I had bumped a couple of birds during a scouting trip earlier this year, but he hadn’t paid too much mind, but then, about an hour into our walk, he actually went on point, the bird ran out, he followed and then flushed it. I didn’t fail him, and when I walked over to where the bird had fallen, Kris was standing over it, looking at me. I said, “fetch” and he picked it up and actually pranced over to me, really excited and seemingly proud of himself. We had a hug-a-thon.

Really special moment.


One Response to “Hunter’s Journal, Part 5”

  1. Steve Wyckoff November 29, 2014 at 7:57 am #

    That looks like a young dog that the light switch has been turned on. D and I with a newbie went to the pheasant farm last Tuesday with Kweke and did very well. Not like the “real” thing, but that’s about all we have here now.

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